Saturday 13 December 2008

Great Links for Dynamic Data

  1. David Ebbo's Blog
  2. Scott Hunter’s Blog
  3. Rick Anderson


Anonymous said...

Have you thought about creating an Application for dynamically creating ASP.NET sites in IIS and creating Databases to go with the site? Like a virtualization application but on a smaller scale. That would put all your code samples into one application to make it easier to digest. But don't get me wrong, you are a genius.

Thanks for the C# bits.

Stephen J. Naughton said...

Thanks for the comment :D

I'm currently doing freelance work so I won't get the amount of time to post to my blog that I had previously. I don't think that Dynamic Data would support what you suggest at the moment, but there are ways to do it certanly.

I have a couple of articles on the go for Joshua Heyes Dyanmic Data Filtering which I hope to publish early Jan 09.

Steve :D