Monday, 17 November 2014

Updated my Alternating Line Color Visual Studio Extension

I have just updated my Alternating Line Visual Studio Extension to support Visual Studio 2015 Preview. have fun Smile


It does what is says on the time adds those alternating lines to the code editor.

Coming soon adding custom color so you can customise it for the other themes.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Just Updated “NotAClue Bootstrap Friendly WebForms Controls”

I have just updated my NotAClue Bootstrap Friendly WebForms Controls to version 0.1.4 you can find the source code on GitHub here Bootstrap Web Controls
I have added a Bootstrap Tabs control to enable the use of bootstrap tabs in a web forms application and support for Bootstrap 3.x
Figure 1 – note here there are two sets of Tabs and each remembers it’s own currently selected tab
I have made the current version work but using cookies so there is no post-back but the currently selected tab will be remembered over post-back, also note that all the controls are rendered for ALL tabs so when switching tab there is no post-back to the server.
P.S. sorry it took so long but I’ve been busy and I lost access to my GitHub account due to not fully understanding two factor auth (or just not reading the instructions).
Updated: version 0.1.5 now has a dependency on jQuery.cookie to remember the selected tab before postback
Updated: Finally I am now clearing the cookie when you first land on the page,when is not a post-back i.e. if(!Page.IsPostBack)
More posts to come around Bootstrap and Dynamic Data.

Friday, 31 January 2014

Microsoft announce a Preview of Dynamic Data provider and EntityDataSource control for Entity Framework 6

See Announcing preview of Dynamic Data provider and EntityDataSource control for Entity Framework 6 for full details