Thursday, 9 January 2014

Dynamic Data videos on ASP.Net Learn site

Hi all there are 17 videos on the ASP.Net site under the How Do I? Videos, A lot of them are a bit dated using VS2008 and .Net 3.51 but most of the principals are still good.

ASP.NET Dynamic Data

  1. Your First Scaffold and What is Dynamic Data
  2. Enable Inline GridView Editing
  3. Change how my Fields render
  4. Handle Business Logic Exceptions
  5. Make Custom Pages
  6. Display Unknown datatypes
  7. Use a DynamicControl in ListView and DetailsView Controls
  8. Getting Started with Dynamic Data
  9. Begin Editing the Templates in ASP.NET Dynamic Data Applications
  10. Begin Modifying Dynamic Data Applications with URL Routing
  11. Enable In-Line Editing in ASP.NET Dynamic Data Applications
  12. Enable Table Specific Routing in Dynamic Data Applications
  13. Use Attribute Validation in ASP.NET Dynamic Data Applications
  14. Implement Custom Field Validation with Imperative Logic in VB or C#
  15. Remove Columns From Your DynamicData Data Grids
  16. Create Table Specific Custom Forms in an ASP.NET Dynamic Data Application
  17. ASP.NET Dynamic Data Custom Form Formatting

Enjoy Smile

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