Wednesday 2 December 2009

Really useful Software – ABCpdf .Net 7.0

Having trawled the net for most of the day here is a sensibly priced and versatile tool for creating and manipulating PDF documents see the Feature Chart for a list of features they just go on and on. For the project I’m working on now this is essential as I need to extract text from an uploaded PDF and store in the DB, and I need to provide an image of the PDF for use in reporting again it wins here too.

02-12-2009 16-37-58

Figure 1 – Text Extraction

02-12-2009 16-38-22

Figure 2 – Render/Rasterize to Image formats

In the above two figures you can see that in every area it exceeds I really don’t think I will ever need another PDF library.

Also the documentation seems real easy to follow see: Save method used for Redering to Image and GetText method for extracting Text from document

I will be reporting back as I get on with my project.

This is cool Open-moutheda must have if working with PDF’s I’m hoping I can apportion many stars to ABCpdf .Net 7.0 as I explore it many features.

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Unknown said...

Hi Please give example of GetText method for extracting Text from document because example not found from site.