Thursday 4 September 2008

Some Pictures and Musings from my Vacation

Just got back from holiday/vacation in the south of France (Near St.Tropez, La Mole to be exact) and I thought I’d bore you with some of my panoramic pictures and let you to drool over them (and me too I wish I was back there).

We took a three day drive there and back and had two week in the sun and we hardly ever saw a cloud in the sky. It was the best holiday ever for sun, but the traffic was terrible you had to get up early if you wanted to get to a beach or to one of the local towns i.e. St.-Tropez, Sainte-Maxime. The camp site was nice and clean although the slides (according to my wife and my daughter) weren’t that brilliant (I went on once and got stuck a couple of time on the way down, I thought it may be my weight but my daughter Sarah said she did too and she is only 7½ stone)

Sadly we’re back in not so sunny England in fact it’s rained most days since we got back :(

Camp-Hôtel Pachacaïd near La Môle

Camp-Hôtel Pachacaïd near La Môle

Camp-Hôtel Pachacaïd view from top of the camp site

Camp-Hôtel Pachacaïd view from top of the camp site

Camp-Hôtel Pachacaïd Pool

Camp-Hôtel Pachacaïd Pool

Port De Grimaud plage

Port De Grimaud plage


Gassin looking out over St.Tropez Golfe

Grimaud Chatau 6

The view from Grimaud Châteaux

All pictures were taken with my Sony Ericsson K800i mobile phone and then turned into panoramic shots with MAGIX PanoramaStudio.

I’ve not worked out how to put the panoramic viewer into the blog yet :D

I’d like to thank my Mum for giving us the funds and the loan of her car to go away, without which we would have been stuck.

Anyway again I’ve got to get a job now as the funds are running out from my redundancy, it’s that or sign on for benefits. Still you’d have thought there would be a job out there for someone like me; who likes to show other people how to do things.

So if there are any potential employers here’s my e-mail address: drop me an e-mail smile_teeth

For my next post I’m going to cover creating a Time Control to allow users to enter a time value like they can in some Windows Forms applications with spinners or by text and having automatic validation e.g. you will not be able to enter an invalid time like 24:00:60 PM it would revert to 12:00:59 PM.

I’ll be back soon :D


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